School Uniform Without Unanimity

15:34 20/08/2007 talked to Education Department Deputy Head of Yerevan
Municipality Armine Vardanyan on calls made on "collection of money
on a voluntary basis" in relation to school uniforms.

"No uniform," Vardanyan stressed underscoring that this instruction
has been made by the Department of Education.

"A decision in regards to uniforms has not been taken by any
educational institution. All these may be considered the result of
voluntarism of parents and school principals," the deputy head of
the education department assured.

Even that there is no decision on a common uniform, the deputy
head believes "it is desirable that schoolchildren go to school in
traditional white shirt and dark color trousers or a skirt."

In relation to cautionary calls, it turned out the education department
has also got complaints on the same subject but "everything has been
worked out."

The interlocutor of also said the education department
has left the initiatives connected with money and the possibility
of choosing uniforms "at the discretion of the parents and their
free choice."

It may be unclear what solutions may be taken on spots when
some parents will not be able or willing to join "the army of the
volunteers." To recall, according to Sargis Tkhruni Union statement,
the principal of N 151 school has collected 15,000 Armenian drams
from each student for sewing a school uniform.