Excavations At Tigranakert Continue


20-08-2007 12:54:08

The Yerkir Union of NGOs for repatriation and settlement reported the
excavation of Tigranakert, Artsakh continue. The archeologists revealed
parts of the big and powerful town built by King Tigran Great and the
rich culture. Excavations started in 2005 when the location of the town
was identified, afterwards in 2006 part of the wall of the citadel,
the wall of one of the neighborhoods and part of an early Christian
basilica were discovered. The project is funded by the Yerkir Union
and the NKR government and is assisted by the Institute of Archeology
and Ethnography of the National Academy of Science.

In 2007 digging continues at three main spots. 15 meters of the
dovetailed wall of the citadel was revealed which is up to 4 meters
high at some parts.

Colored ceramic objects dating from 1-2 centuries AC, a fragment of
an early Christian cross and reliefs were found.

An 80 cm fragment of the fundament carved 400 meters in the rocks was
revealed, the digging of the Christian basilica dating from 5 or 6
centuries in the center of the town continue. The eastern half of the
nave, the inside of the conch, the northern and southern entrances,
and the inside of the southern wall were revealed.