Supervision Of Hunting Problematic In Armenia


ARKA News Agency
Aug 17 2007

YEREVAN, August 17. /ARKA/. Maintaining control over the legality of
hunting in Armenia is problematic in Armenia, Chief Specialist of the
State Nature Protection Inspectorate of the country’s Environmental
Ministry Arthur Beglarian reported.

According to him, the problems occur due to the insufficient number
of inspectors: only 200 inspectors (without employees of regional
inspectorates) are to supervise 25,000 hunters in Armenia.

Beglarian also pointed out that despite the shortage of personnel the
nature protection inspection manages to implement control over the
legality of hunting for now. Particularly, during the hunting season
inspectors thoroughly supervise the hunting locations popular among
the hunters.

Apart from that, every week the hunting associations report on shooting
of animals and certain hunting seasons are set for each species,
from November 3 to December 31 for hares and partridges for example,
Beglarian said.

Currently 25,000 Armenian hunters form three associations – Armenian
Hunting Association, National Union of Hunters of Armenia and
Association of Hunting Militaries. According to the Armenian laws,
any Armenian of the full legal age is allowed to become a hunter if
he receives gun permission from the country’s Police.