Russia Harms Armenia


Lragir, Armenia
Aug 16 2007

The checkpoint of Verin Lars which had been announced to close for
3 months for repairs remains closed for about a year which is due to
the Russian and Georgian relations but it strikes Armenia, Russia’s
strategic partner, more. The leader of the Democratic Way Party Manuk
Gasparyan touched upon this issue on August 16. He said Russia must
realize that it cannot make its ally the victim of relations with

He says the Armenian businessmen do not raise the issue of the only
land route because the revaluation of the dram cut exports.

"Meanwhile, our government does not raise this issue. The entire world
is reprimanding Turkey to open the border with Armenia but Russia
has closed it, and there is no hope for opening unless the Russian
and Georgian relations improve," Manuk Gasparyan says. He wants the
Russian embassy to Armenia to hear his statement that they cannot
harm their strategic partner to settle scores with another country.