BAKU: Javid Gurbanov: Armenians Will Not Play Their Anthem In Baku


Azeri press Agency, Azerbaijan
Aug 17 2007

"Latest preparation works for world wrestling championship is about
to finish. Serbians who are involved in the renovation works of
Sport-Concert Complex named after Heydar Aliyev promised to finish
their works till September", Wrestling Federation secretary-general
Javid Gurbanov was quoted by APA-Sport as saying.

Javid Gurbanov told the press conference the tournament to start on
September 17 will be joined by leading countries. "1200 sportsmen
from 67 states have confirmed their participation. We expect the
number of sportsmen will increase. The participants will be placed
in the hotels located near Complex".

Wrestling Federation official said sportsmen will be awarded with
presents. "I do not want to predict. We believe in high results of
our sportsmen. Federation established fund for them. FILA is to give
$30 000 to world champion. Our major opponents are Russians, Turkish,
Bulgarians, Americans and Cubans". Javid Gurbanov said the competition
will start at 15:30 on September 17.

Federation official said the admission to the tournament will be
free. Federation official touched on Armenian team’s participation in
the championship. "The 16 Greek-Roman wrestlers of Armenia will visit
Baku on September 15. 17 free style wrestlers will come the next day.

Armenian team’s security is provided by president. Corresponding
bodies will carry out measures to prevent unpleasant cases. We
should do it as a country claiming for hosting 2016 Olympic Games. I
do not think Armenians will achieve significant results. I do not
expect serious results from Armenians. Despite having some Russian
legionaries Armenian team gained only one medal in the last European
championship". Javid Gurbanov said Vasili Fedorshin was not offered
bribe calling it provocation. "Professional sportsman should not
say such things. It is a provocation. We should not pay attention to
such things".