Armenia Warns Against Incautious Politicization Of Nagorno-Karabakh


Aug 17 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 17, ARMENPRESS: Armenia’s permanent representative
to the UN, Armen Martirosian, said those countries which are well
aware of the South Caucasian region and the true cause behind the
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict find that an incautious politicization of
this conflict may jeopardize the entire peace process.

In response to Armenpress request to comment on a motion submitted
to the UN General Assembly’s 62-nd session by members of the GUAM
organization (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) demanding
debates on the so-called frozen post-Soviet conflicts, Armen
Martirosian said representatives of the USA and France whom he met
lately have reconfirmed their decision to back a draft resolution
that would be acceptable to Armenia.

According to Armenian diplomat, GUAM member countries themselves seem
to have lost their original zeal to push for discussion of their draft
resolution, ‘but since the draft resolution has been incorporated into
the General Assembly’s agenda they want to develop this issue, but the
majority of UN member countries question the wisdom of this motion."

He said Armenian diplomats are working with UN and GUAM members in an
effort to find a reciprocally acceptable solution. He said the motion
was not yet officially put into circulation, not counting four-five
working options, none of which is acceptable to Armenia and the OSCE
Minsk Group member countries.