Levon Aronyan In Finals


20:52 16/08/2007

Today Armenian Grand Master Levon Aronyan and Indian Vishvanatan Anand
battle for the title in the 960th world chess championship. As informed
by the chess federation, Aronyan defeated the Uzbek Kasimjanov,
while no one played Anand and Frenchmen Etieni.

In this stage, the Armenian chess master obtained 4.5 out of a possible
6 points, Anand had 4, Bakron had 2, and Kasimjanov 1.5. Today Aronyan
will play the final against Anand, in four matches. In case of a tie,
one match will determine the winner.

We remind that the Armenian sportsmen come to the 960th championship
as trophy winners. Levon Aronyan stands to be the chess king for the
current year.