Galust Sahakyan: 2008 Is Not The Last Chance Of The Opposition


Lragir, Armenia
Aug 15 2007

According to Galust Sahakyan, member of the Republican faction,
the political forces are currently conducting a policy of intelligence.

The member of parliament spoke about it on August 15 at the Pastark
Club where he touched upon the political summer and the likely
developments. The member of parliament also gives a peculiar
description of the quest for a common candidate for the opposition.

Galust Sahakyan compares it with flirting.

He says for the opposition it is not appropriate to run in the
presidential election only to have a president. The Republican member
of parliament is sure that it is necessary to put up a program, a
political team, a new approach. The Republican member of parliament
says it is no longer possible to win over the votes of people with
populism. "As to the Republicans, like during the past peaceful
summers, in this hot summer we work, we work towards solving the
problems of the political party, enhancing the offices, the branches.

The representatives of our council visit the regions, not for
propaganda but for preparations," Galust Sahakyan says. He says,
however, that the weak point of the Republican Party remains the
inability to advertise what they do because they lack populism.

Nevertheless, Galust Sahakyan is convinced that the Republican
candidate will win the election. However, he calls on the leaders
of the opposition, although most of them are rather advanced in age,
not to think that the election of 2008 is their last chance. If they
think so, they may make unpredictable moves in case of failure.

"Therefore, I am saying it is important that the opposition and
the government discuss and decide what moves will be made after
the results become known," Galust Sahakyan says. He considers it
impossible, however, that the opposition and the pro-government
forces will put up a common candidate like the case in Karabakh,
as Artashes Geghamyan had suggested.