US Analyst: Georgia Is "Unpredictable Neighbor" For Armenia


Regnum, Russia
Aug 14 2007

Turkey’s joining the European Union can play a positive role for
Armenia, US analyst Richard Kirakosian announced at a news conference
in Yerevan today. A REGNUM correspondent quotes him as saying that
EU membership envisages reduction of the country’s military reserves.

"In this case, Turkey will pose less threat to Armenia in the military
point of view," the expert noted.

According to the analyst, Turkey’s membership in the European Union
can pose problems for the European community, which is facing the
threat of Islamic terror.

As for Armenia’s geopolitical position in the South Caucasus area,
according to Kirakosian, Yerevan is facing not only the question of
the Armenian Genocide recognition by Ankara, but the blockade carried
out by Turkey and Azerbaijan, as all those factors are hampering
economic development of the country. Moreover, opening borders with
Armenia are a positive factor for Turkey as well. "It will add to
the economic development of Kurdish areas in the Turkish territory,
which will become guarantee of stability in the country," he said.

As for another Armenia’s neighbor, Georgia, Kirakosian called it
"unpredictable." As the analyst believes, the country is every time
using its position "as a kind of bridge between Armenia and Russia."

He also noted that in the situation when Georgia is aspiring to Europe,
and Azerbaijan to Central Asia, one of primary tasks for Armenia is
the way to the European integration. "Otherwise, Yerevan can be left
alone," he said.

However, the most serious threat for Armenia is coming from the inside
instead from the outside. "Bribery is ripening in Armenia and the
good governance is under regress," concluded Richard Kirakosian.