Matthew Bryza Administers Shock Therapy?

By Aghavni Harutyunian

AZG Armenian Daily

Moreover, According to US Assistant Secretary, War Will Become a
Catastrophe for Azerbaijan’s Future

Sometimes some hope-giving moments and sometimes the opposite –
disappointing moments appear in the process of the Karabakh conflict

No matter what kind of circumstances the South-Caucasus’ societies are
served, one of the Co-Chairs of OSCE Minsk Group, US diplomat Matthew
Bryza is led by the approaches of his own peculiarities. Moreover,
the many-sided announcements of Bryza are like a process of shock
therapy: the announcements of the US Co-Chairman sometimes are in
favor of Armenia, and sometimes – in favor of Azerbaijan.

It’s difficult to foretell what really the bright-faced and always
cheerful US diplomat aims at by his various announcements, but,
nevertheless, Matthew Bryza’s speech is more optimistic than anyone’s.

On August 1 the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs Matthew Bryza (USA), Yuri
Merzliakov (Russia) and Bernard Fussier (France) for the recurrent
time met in the Foreign Ministry of Russia to discuss the current
state of the settlement of Karabakh conflict and the main principles
of the negotiation process.

What the Co-Chairs discussed, only we could guess from the
announcements of Matthew Bryza during his visit to Baku.

However, this time again the Azerbaijani media is the only "witness"
of the US Co-Chair’s talkativeness, and we cannot be sure that in
the August 3 press conference everything sounded solidly like what
the Azerbaijani news websites informed.

Touching upon the theme of the Greece-Turkey-Italy gas pipeline
project parallel with the issues of energetic cooperation of the
United States and Azerbaijan, Matthew Bryza announced that the next
meeting of the Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents might take place
on October-November of this year.

While Matthew Bryza is optimistic about the continuation of the
negotiation process, the Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan announces
about the deadlock of the process. Moreover, the Azerbaijani president,
in his turn, for the recurrent time repeats his announcements "about
the military might of Azerbaijan".

Anyway, the war-like announcements of Azerbaijan are a simple
bluffing, otherwise how we may understand the recent announcements
of US Assistant Secretary Daniel Fried against the restart of the
military operations.

"War will destroy Azerbaijan’s future", announced Daniel Fried. "There
were good talks, I would even say a good dialogue between Armenia
and Azerbaijan, and a certain progress was fixed", he added.

The US Assistant Secretary hopes that the two sides will find the
peaceful way of the settlement of the conflict.

"Azerbaijan’s future is vague until this problem is resolved. Peaceful
solution of the Karabakh problem is the way to go through. We have
passed such a way and I hope will reach the solution of the problem",
Daniel Fried underlined.