Galust Sahakyan Advises To Submit To Serzh Sargsyan’s Victory

13:46 15/08/2007

"Political forces demonstrate some activism. It is natural since
the presidential elections are ahead," Galust Sahakyan, member of
the Armenian Republican Party (HHK), told reporters at Club Pastark
today saying the political teams are engaged in "intelligence" now.

In his words, the attempts to set up a union in the opposition chamber
remind him of "Gathering of Mice," the famous writing of Khnko Aper,
Armenian writer of fairy tales and children’s stories. Sahakyan
believes "the opposition has a big field of cooperation" bringing
the example of 1995 when HHK cooperated with the ruling Pan-Armenian
National Party (HHSh) around some principle issues despite of being
an opposition party. Just to recall, HHK ceased being an opposition
after that.

"The parliamentary elections indicated that the opposition holds 20-25
percent of votes and in case it manages to utilize that 20-25 percent,
it would be good job," Sahakyan said.

Referring to the participation of Serzh Sargsyan in the presidential
elections, Sahakyan noted: "One must submit to the idea that the
Republican will have a decisive role in the presidential elections
and must have a president. All other issues may be tackled in the
political field based on the principle of cooperative acts."

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