Official Baku doesn’t hurry in commenting on Daniel Fried criticism

Official Baku doesn’t hurry in commenting on Daniel Frid’s criticism

2007-08-11 13:34:00

Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and the governing body don’t hurry in
commenting on the criticism, which was sounded by Deputy of US State
Secretary Daniel Frid in official Baku’s address in his interview with
AzerTAj agency.

To note, the day before D. Frid had criticized official Baku for its
attempt to justify the facts of violation of democracy and freedom of
speech and to consider worries in this respect as `attempts by external
forces to weaken Azerbaijan’. According to him, reference to national
mentality and peculiarities of culture cannot justify violations of
democracy. TURAN’s attempts to get comments on these statements at the
Foreign Ministry or within the governing body didn’t give any results.
The high-ranking officials either said they aren’t acquainted with
David Frid’s interview or promised to comment on them after reading the