Mon.itor.Us Enables Competitive Website Research and Promotion (press release), NY
Aug 12 2007

Mon.itor.Us Enables Competitive Website Research and Promotion:
Everyone Can Benefit

Yerevan, Armenia, August 12, 2007 –(– Mon.itor.Us a leading
provider of free websites and networks monitoring service empowers
its users with new competitive web performance research and promotion
tool. Mon.itor.Us Industry Benchmarks allows the community to build
and publish customized web performance reports for arbitrary selected
market segments.

Mon.itor.Us free website and server monitoring service now presents
everyone an opportunity not only to measure website performance but
also create competitive web monitoring reports on many groups of
websites. Newly added benchmarking tool allows publishing weekly
reports on websites availability and average response time. The
websites group may include competitors’, clients’ and partners’
sites, and delivers true and in-depth understanding of particular
market, industry and competitor landscape.

Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks are community created and publicly available
web pages that show statistics about various industries’
competitiveness on the web. Community members create their own
benchmarks by selecting websites for example in a particular industry
like tourism, IT services, telecommunication, transport, retail,
government, or specific niches, such as Hotels in France, Restaurants
in San Francisco, Top 10 German sites, US Grocery Stores, etc. They
may also tag the reports and make them available to other community
members via Tag Cloud navigation on the Mon.itor.Us benchmarks
directory page.

The Benchmarks reports represent unbiased view of different industry
websites performances. Mon.itor.Us members can compare and
demonstrate their websites uptime results against their competitors
and promote their web success. Users which made investments into
their web infrastructure can prove that they deliver better and
quality user experience.

Mon.itor.Us Benchmarks help to increase web traffic and ranking.
Publicly available reports contain links to original websites and
will direct visitors of those benchmarked websites, hence improving
their traffic and search engine ranking. Mon.itor.Us provides
navigation space for searching relevant benchmarks by tag words,
Industry and Country, recently added and most popular benchmarks, as
well as aggregated industry reports.

About Mon.itor.Us
Mon.itor.Us is a leading free global websites and networks monitoring
service measuring on 24×7 basis key performance indicators of
websites, web applications and network resources. The service offers
error detection, alert notification, detailed uptime and performance
reports, real time snapshot views, and web site traffic analysis. It
currently has over 10,000 users and monitors more than 51,000 sites.

Contact: Gayane Dallakyan
Sales and Marketing
Email: [email protected]