Tax payers will be divided into conscientious and non-conscientious

00:51 11/08/2007

Tax payers will be divided into the conscientious and non-conscientious

The state tax department’s 2007-2009 program for advancement has
included a self-evaluation plan, which it considers as pivotal. Also
proposed in the program is a plan for the advance of information
technologies, overseeing the effectiveness of these measures, as well
as improving the level of information received by the general
population. This was announced today by tax chief Armen Alaverdyan at
a presentation in the business and trade hall in the "Table Book for
Taxpayers." In his words, it is forseen that by the end of the year
changes in the tax laws will be presented by television stations in
the country.

Alaverdyan also points out that index has grown concerning the
proportion of income taxes collected, not necessarily related to
increased production but the success of increasing tax collection. He
then pointed out that tax payers will be divided into the
conscientious and non-conscientious. For those who don’t pay
conscientiously, punishment will be harsh, while those who pay
conscientiously will be treated with a soft hand.