NKR: Aradjamough, that is to say pushing forward

Azat Artsakh Tert, Nagorno Karabakh Republic
Aug 10 2007

Aradjamough, that is to say pushing forward

Svetlana Khachatrian

The head of the Fund Andranik Gasparian represents:- "Charitable Fund
"Tufenkian" works about 8 years in RA. Its office was founded in 2003
in Artsakh. Discussing with the founder James Tufenkian about
Karabakh’s today situation, we came to a conclusion, that here it
must go towards the direction of immigration. Though we have also
programs in other spheres. But the main stress is laid on the border
zone, on immigration of liberating territories. Seeing the situation
of Artsakh regions, which needs economical development, we decided to
do two types of immigration, thr first – to found new villages, as
for example Aradjamough, and the second – to develop the works in
already settled territories. Kashatagh region enters the second
"type". It needn’t begin from zero. There are villages, but they are
very poor. We are trying by various programs to raise living standard
of the people. We built a mill in Aygehovit village, emergancy room –
in Ishkhanadzor, and founded about 40 hectares of vinefields. The
first stage has alredy been finished, and we’ve begun the second one
– internet courses". On August 7th, it was the opening of Aradjamough
village. The deputy of NA A. Harutyunian, the ministers A. Tsaturian,
K. Ataian, the heads of Hadrut region board of administration, the
leaders of Artsakh programs of "Tufenkian" Fund, journalists also
from RA presented there. The settlements of neighbour villages have a
desire to settle in Aradjnamough, but the choice is very strict. Only
the immigrants have a right to settle down here. A. Gasparian says. "
I want any person comes here, admires and says – it’s a good work!.
But I’ll do better than Tufenkian, and he will be glad for that.
Villages must be immigrated, strengthened and developed.