In Daniel Frid’s Opinion, War Will Ruin Future Of Azerbaijan


Noyan Tapan
Aug 10 2007

WASHINGTON, AUGUST 10, NOYAN TAPAN. War will appear ruinous for the
future of Azerbaijan. This opinion was expressed by Daniel Frid,
the U.S. State Secretary Assistant, in his interview with the Azeri
service of the Radio Liberty. Frid mentioned that he is disappointed
with the last meeting of the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan,
which led to no results. At the same time, he expressed hope that
"the Presidents of the two countries will find a way to move forward
at some point. In the end, this is driven from the interests of each
of the countries," the high ranking American diplomat stressed. "The
future of Azerbaijan will be hazy as far as this issue is not solved."

Frid expressed conviction that the Karabakh conflict can be solved
only in a peacefull way. "War will destroy the future of Azerbaijan
and will do good to no one. We should move forward only by a peacefull
settlement of the problem." "We have passed a long way and I hope
that we will arrive at the settlement of the problem," the U.S. State
Secretary Assistant concluded.