Daniel Fried: War Will Destroy Azerbaijan’s Future


09.08.2007 20:28

War will become a catastrophe for Azerbaijan’s future, US Assistant
Secretary Daniel Fried stated to the Azeri service of RFE/RL.

In response to the question whether the hope for the Nagorno Karabakh
conflict settlement has become less and whether the Presidents of
Armenia and Azerbaijan have missed such an opportunity, taking into
account the fact that soon in both countries presidential campaigns
will launch, Daniel Fried said, "I do not want to criticize, but I
think we all are disappointed.

The last meeting of Presidents did not produce any results that we
were expecting. There were good talks, I would even say a good dialog,
a certain progress was fixed." He expressed hope that "in a certain
stage the Presidents would find a common way to move forward."

"After all, it proceeds from the interests of all parties.

Azerbaijan’s future is vague until this problem is resolved," the
American diplomat underlined. He expressed assurance that the Nagorno
Karabakh conflict can be resolved exceptionally in a peaceful way. War
will destroy Azerbaijan’s future. Peaceful solution of the Karabakh
issue is the way to go through. We have passed such a way and I hope
we will reach the solution of the problem," Daniel Fried concluded.