Boxing: Universum Vs Sauerland: Khoren Gevor Vs Arthur Abraham

Aug 9 2007

Finally the wait is over: Universum middleweight Khoren Gevor in
a world title fight! The #5 of the IBF rankings is the mandatory
challenger of world champion Arthur Abraham. Both fighters, who are
German citizens with Armenian roots, will face each other on August
18 at the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin..

Not only the sporting career of the Universum fighter Khoren Gevor
had some eventful and unusual moments but also his private life. He
started boxing when he was 12 years old. Ever since, the Armenian born
dreamed of winning a world championship belt. As a Amateur he won six
national Armenian titles. But Khoren didn’t see his boxing future in
Armenia and therefore he immigrated to Germany at the age of 16 in
order to fulfil his dream there. When he arrived in Germany he lived
in a children’s home in a town named Gunzenhausen in Bavaria for the
following three years. As there was no boxing club nearby he had to
travel 2 hrs every day to Nuremberg and train there. The survivalist
Gevor had more obstacles to take than expected to remain in Germany
and continue his boxing dream in the following years.

After a very successful Amateur career with 72 wins in 75 fights
and six national Armenian titles he turned pro in 2000. Khoren Gevor
signed a contract with Universum Box-Promotion and worked together
with Torsten Schmitz in 13 fights. Afterwards he was trained by
Michael Timm and Magomed Schaburow before his final switch to Fritz
Sdunek. He is a very ambitious athlete, sometime a bit overambitious
so that his trainer and father figure Sdunek says "if I don’t kick
him out of the gym he won’t stop his training". Besides he writes
down his weight and his meals daily. Although there are a great team,
Gevor states about his daily notes: "He is not inside my body and
I’m doing this for myself."

The 28 year old middleweight is an absolute family person. His wife
Nenel is expecting their first child in September but he is also
a stepfather to her sons Abel (14) and Norayr (16). Both are also
boxers – fighting for a club in Hamburg – and have already become
Northern Germany champions. Whenever they have some free time they
are studying boxing videos of the idol: "Dad" Khoren. Gevor doesn’t
have a driving license so he loves to ride his bike and besides he
loves to build his own car models. On every occasion he is spending
time in front of his computer and works on his small racing car.

After his boxing career he wants to work as a 3D graphic designer
to devote to his passion of cars although he can only drive it with
a controller.

His only two defeats were in 2002 when he lost against Lukas
Konecny in a fight for the International German Championship at light
middleweight. He lost both fights due to intentional head butts by the
Czech which caused heavy cuts above the eyes. Since than he has won
the WBO and IBF Interconti belt. After a long wait he is now ready to
face Artur Abraham for the IBF world championship at middleweight. It
will be his 30th fight.

"I have waited for this moment for so long and here I am. I’m
undertaking a tough training preparation to be in the best shape for
this challenge and dethrone the world champion", the highly motivated
Gevor states. "When I know that there is somebody better than me
than I will retire!"

Also Coach Fritz Sdunek is happy for Khoren and is looking forward
to this tough challenge: "Khoren deserves this chance more than
anybody and he worked so hard. He was already so close before this
chance came up. Our preparation was very intense and we know that
Abraham can be beaten!"


Montag, 13.08., 13.00 Uhr / Monday, Aug 13, 1.00 pm Offentliches
Pressetraining / Public work out Ort / Place: Axel-Springer-Passage,
Markgrafenstrasse 19 a, 10888 Berlin

Mittwoch, 15.08., 13.00 Uhr / Wednesday, Aug 15, 1.00 pm
Pressekonferenz / Press conference Ort / Place: Hotel Maritim pro Arte,
Friedrichstrasse 151, 10117 Berlin

Anschließend Fototermin Arthur Abraham und Khoren Gevor vor dem
Brandenburger Tor

Freitag, 17.08., 16.00 Uhr / Friday, Aug 17, 4.00 pm Offizielles Wiegen
/ Weigh-in Ort / Place: Hotel Maritim pro Arte, Friedrichstrasse 151,
10117 Berlin


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