BAKU: Faig Agayev: Turkey’s Giving 12 Points To Armenia In Eurovisio


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Aug 9 2007

Honored artist Faig Agayev’s interview to APA

Our show-business resembles forest. It is a forest which has no rules,
no ethic norms. We have not yet been formed, Azerbaijani honored
artist, singer Faig Agayev told in an interview to APA.

Agayev said that he never caused a scandal.

"You cannot expect a teenager training in an ordinary sport club
to hit at World Championship. He should reach to the level of World
Championship at least. You can and can not admire Faig Agayev, but
he can not be denied," he said.

Agayev called the reports that he entered into a marriage on an
agreement in order to mislead the society a lie.

"All these are lie. Who thinks bad about me, I wish him to live that
malice. Family has no slope and ascent. Have you ever seen a family
which has no row in?" he said.

The popular singer stressed that he does not imitate Turkish mega-star

"I never imitated Tarkan. If I can do everything that Tarkan has done
for Turkish show-business, I would be glad for that. We do not resemble
at all. His eyes are green, mines are black, when he had long hair,
I had short and vice-versa. Turks living in Azerbaijan say that Faig
Agayev is Tarkan of Azerbaijan. And I always reply to them that Tarkan
is Faig Agayev of Turks," he said.

The singer also commented on Eurovision contest.

"The position of the country is necessary for attending this contest.

Turkey’s evaluating Armenia with 12 points made me furious. I regard
normally Russia, Greece’s supporting Armenia. But I do not know why
60-million Turkish nation demonstrated deceitful nobility, mildness.

Enemy does not understand favor, enemy accepts favor as weakness,"
he said.