Controversy Stirred Over Genocide

Andrew H. Tarsy Regional Director James L. Rudolph Regional Chairman

Boston Globe
August 8, 2007

THE GLOBE is correct that the controversy in Watertown over the
Anti-Defamation League’s No Place for Hate program is not of our making
("A genocide not to be denied," Editorial, Aug. 3). This ADL program
helps reduce prejudice and build respect for differences. We hope
Watertown will continue to participate irrespective of other issues.

Breaking News Alerts ADL has never denied what happened at the close
of the First World War. There were massacres of Armenians and great
suffering at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. We believe today’s
Turkish government should do more than it has done to come to grips
with the past and reconcile with Armenians. We have said that to
Turkish officials and we have said it publicly. ADL continues to
believe this is the best way to proceed.

Many groups have experienced horrific atrocities. Sharing our
unique histories and building mutual respect is at the core of the
ADL mission.

Jews, Armenians, and other groups should continue to develop positive
relationships out of a genuine desire to better understand one another
and build a safer world. Attacking the integrity of ADL or No Place
for Hate does not advance these goals and should be soundly rejected.