Russian Officer Killed On Yerevan Outskirts


ITAR-TASS News Agency, Russia
August 7, 2007 Tuesday

A Russian officer was killed on the Yerevan outskirts, the Armenian
Prosecutor General’s Office said on Tuesday.

According to the prosecutors, assailants stopped a vehicle carrying
five Russian servicemen in the village of Arindzh in the small
morning hours of Monday. The servicemen were beaten and allowed to
drive off. The assailants opened fire at the departing car and injured
Lt. Dmitry Yermolov. He died on the way to hospital. Another passenger
was hospitalized with a gunshot wound.

Two suspects were apprehended, and their hunting guns were seized,
the prosecutors said.

The Russian Foreign Ministry asked Armenian authorities for the
immediate investigation of the incident.

The Armenian Prosecutor General’s press secretary Sona Truzian said
the law enforcers had taken appropriate measures to seize the killers
of Yermolov.

The prosecutors also said they would not object to a visit by a
representative of the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office.