Karabakh Economy Posts 15 Percent Growth


Aug 08 2007

STEPANAKERT, AUGUST 8, ARMENPRESS: Nagorno-Karabakh authorities
reported almost a 15 percent GDP growth in the first six months of
this year. Thus, according to figures, released by the statistical
service, the GDP grew in January-June 14.7 percent from a year ago
to 28.7 billion Armenians Drams.

The statistical service said import dues and taxes accounted for
4.6 percent GDP growth, construction was responsible for 3.3 percent
growth, industrial output growth was 3.1 percent while transport and
communication reported 2.2 percent growth.

Nagorno-Karabakh enterprises produced 10. 4 billion Drams industrial
output, which was 33 percent higher from a year ago.

Consumer goods production amounted, in terms of money, to 3.4 billion
Drams against 2.5 billion from a year ago. Agricultural GDP was 482
million Drams, rising 18 percent year-on-year. Construction growth
was 50 percent, or 8.6 billion Drams.

Foreign trade rose 72 percent to almost 40 billion Drams.

Some 1,010 babies were born in the republic, 2.7 percent more from a
year ago, while deaths declined 0.3 percent to 659. Also 360 marriages
were registered and 56 divorces granted in the same time span.