Eduard Kokoity Accused Georgia Of Missile Firing Georgian-Ossetian C


07.08.2007 16:47 GMT+04:00

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ President of the unrecognized South Ossetian
Republic Eduard Kokoity accused Georgia of striking with missiles
the Georgian-Ossetian conflict zone. "Warplanes of the Georgian
Defense Ministry have struck a location near Ossetian villages,
which is situated on the borders between the Leningorsk region
of the unrecognized Republic of South Ossetia and Gori region of
Georgia. The warplanes were flying long, free and fearlessly. And
only after making several strikes they flew away towards the Georgian
territory," the Committee of Information and Press of the unrecognized
republics brings the words of Eduard Kokoity.

"This is a well-planned provocation, its aim was to draw away
the attention of the world community from the state terror policy
carried out by Georgia on the territory of South Ossetia," E. Kokoity
stated. "If the target of warplanes was the Georgian radar station
illegally placed in the conflict zone, it would be possible to
understand such an allegation, and I am sure that Russian pilots would
handle this task. But the goal of this provocation was to intimidate
the Ossetian locals to make them leave their homes," he said.

The South Ossetian leadership will demand from the world community to
investigate all terror cases on the territory of the unrecognized
republic, E. Kokoity stated. "We will have to ask the Russian
leadership to supply Russian peacekeepers with corresponding means to
keep earlier achieved agreements on inadmissibility of unauthorized
flights over the conflict zone," he also stated, RBK reported.