Armenian Cause Office Says Hoagland’s Non-Appointment Victory Of Arm

18:17 07/08/2007

"I think the non-appointment of Richard Hoagland as an ambassador
to Armenia was the victory of the Armenian community in America in
the sense that it was possible to halt an American diplomat that
questioned the fact of the Armenian genocide," Head of Dashnaksutiun
Armenian Cause Office in Armenia Kiro Manoyan told reporters at
Friday Club. In his words, US top official do not put the fact of
the genocide under question even though they do not use the word
"genocide", however, when Hoagland was asked "what genocide is" and
"why USA does not qualify the Armenian incidents as genocide," Hoagland
answered: "USA is concerned that the crime must be "predetermined"
which assumes that the Armenian incidents were not "predetermined"
and thus were not a genocide."

Manoyan informed that Hoagland has applied to White House "on his own"
in order for an opportunity to be appointed at another post. The head
of the Armenian Cause Office wished that next ambassador to Armenia
had the same attitude the White House has.

By refusing to use the word "genocide", the USA is simply trying not
to insult Turkey, Manoyan said also saying it is an additional "hook"
against Turkey, too.

More than 220-224 congress officials have signed under the genocide
resolution in the House of Representatives. Not only does it recognize
but re-confirms USA’s recognition and demands from U.S. president to
qualify the incidents as genocide, Manoyan concludes.