Oskanian: Each Conflict Is Unique


07.08.2007 16:20

"We suppose that each conflict is unique and the Nagorno Karabakh
conflict is not an exception. Peculiarities of each conflict should
be taken into account," Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian
told Russian news agency Interfax.

Karabakh is moving towards self-determination irrespective of decisions
that may be taken on other conflicts, Oskanian said.

"Let us not forget that unlike Kosovo, where the international
forces and NATO put an end to the war and where the UN and EU have
been founding state structures for seven years, Nagorno Karabakh has
been overcoming the consequences of the aggression imposed on it and
achieving success in state building for 20 years already. Despite
of Kosovo decision Nagorno Karabakh will press for international
recognition of its independence," Oskanian added.