BAKU: Novruz Mammadov: I regret Russia’s acts

Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Aug 4 2007

Novruz Mammadov: I regret Russia’s acts

[ 04 Aug 2007 14:46 ]

`There are certain international norms according to which weapons can
not be sold to the conflicting parties. I regret Russia’s actions,’
chief of president’s Office international affairs department Novruz
Mammadov told APA.

Commenting on Russia’s strengthening military cooperation with
Armenia and increasing the number of weapons sent to the country
Novruz Mammadov said official Baku will surely react to it.
`I think that this act shows that Russia’s policy is not so wise. We
are engaged in this issue. Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov
yesterday reacted to the fact. I can not say whether Azerbaijan will
send a note to Russia, but we always express our position to Russia,’
he said.
Taking a stance on OSCE Minsk Group co-chair Mathew Bryza’s statement
that the sides has to sacrifice something for the solution of the
conflict Novruz Mammadov said Azerbaijan’s position on this issue is
`We always state that the conflict has to be solved in accordance
with international law norms and obeying to Azerbaijan’s territorial
integrity. As for Nagorno Karabakh’s status, this can only be defined
in the framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. Armenia
should realize the necessity of leaving Azerbaijani territories,’ he
The department chief considers that the co-chairs often speak as a
diplomat, not as a mediator.
`They often make vague statements. All this does not help the
solution to the conflict, on the contrary impedes it,’ he said.
Commenting on Armenians’ committing arsons in the occupied
Azerbaijani territories and international organizations’ keeping
silence Novruz Mammadov said official Baku will take corresponding
steps concerning this problem.
`It is not the first time that arsons are committed in the occupied
Azerbaijani territories. International organizations – UN, OSCE,
European Union, PACE and others do not react to it. I sometimes ask
myself: How would the international community have reacted, if a
Muslim country had occupied lands of another country and committed
such acts? Of course, the reaction would be different. But there is
no necessary reaction regarding our problem,’ he said.
Novruz Mammadov underlined that they have raised the issue the on
arsons in the occupied Azerbaijani territories and continue to do
this. /APA/