NKR: Great Fire In Martouni Region

Bella Lalaian

Azat Artsakh Tert
Aug 3 2007
Nagorno Karabakh Republic

In Martouni region fire broke out, which later on captured about
5000 hectare surface. As the head of the department of information
and connections with society of Rescue Service attached to the NKR
Government Armen Narimanian stated, in Fire Rescue Department of
Martouni region on July 31st, at 13:55 a warning signal was received,
that in the dump at the wayside of Martouni-Berdashen fire broke out.

Generally 3 fighting accountings of Martouni region, settlements and
subdivisions of Defence Army participated in the works of putting out
a fire. The fire managed to put out only next morning, at 03:50. On
the whole, the surface of fire was about 5000 hectare. Fortunatelly,
material loss was not so large. Pig-breeding complex was damaged