BAKU: Matthew Bryza: Both Sides Should Sacrifice Something


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Aug 2 2007

"The Nagorno Karabakh conflict should be solved through compromises.

It was not clear after the presidents’ meeting in St. Petersburg in
June whether the parties wanted to seek compromise. Later I felt that
the leaders intend to continue it in the framework of Minsk Group,"
Matthew Bryza, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European
and Eurasian Affairs, OSCE Minsk Group co-chair told a briefing
APA reports.

He said that it will be shame to stop Minsk group process lasting
for several years.

"We have to form core principles by the presidential elections in
the two countries. These principles should be in the framework of
Helsinki Final Act and lead the parties to the peaceful solution of
the conflict," he said.

Touching on the recent debates of the co-chairs Matthew Bryza said
his colleagues put forth interesting ideas arising from Petersburg
meeting. He said there are several complicated points in the process,
the solution of which needs presidents’ decision.

"Minsk Group can only make a proposal. The parties should make a
decision," he said.

The co-chair welcomed the intellectuals’ visit to Nagorno Karabakh.

He expressed his hope that the visits will be continued. Nations
should live together and establish intercourse after the issue is
solved. It is time to start it at present," he said.

As to co-chairs’ visit to Nagorno Karabakh through Azerbaijan, Mr.

Bryza saying that it is technical issue stressed necessity of carrying
out talks with security experts.

American co-chair stated again that members of Minsk Group recognize
territorial integrity of Azerbaijan.

"Territorial integrity is one of the principles reflected in Helsinki
Final Act. Other two principles are to achieve self-determination.

Achievement of self-determination can embrace a lot of things. We –
leaders, co-chairs, nations have difficulty in finding out compromise
on these issues. But I believe that we can find out compromise. We
are close to it," he said.

Mr. Bryza said that both sides should sacrifice for achieving