BAKU: Eldar Sabiroglu: Armenians Commit Inhumane Actions Regarding A


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Aug 2 2007

"Armenian press and security agencies commit inhumane actions regarding
captured Azerbaijani soldier Samir Mammadov," spokesman for Azerbaijani
Defense Ministry Eldar Sabiroglu told journalists, APA reports.

He said that Armenians spread different rumors all over the world.

"They say Samir Mammadov renounces his citizenship, does not want to
return to Azerbaijan, and even refuses his parents. Later it became
clear that all this is a lie," he said.

Eldar Sabiroglu said that Valeri Suleymanyan Armenian recently
trespassed on Azerbaijan does not want to return to his country and
mentioned that two civilians had taken this step before.

"Both of them refused to return to their countries and now live in
another country. Their life was in danger. We have information that
their families are treated badly. Valeri Suleymanyan also wants to
be sent to a third country," he said.

Underlining that Armenians intensively violate ceasefire Sabiroglu
said Azerbaijani side is obliged to open response fire.

"Our positions are fired in different hours of the day.

Unfortunately, Armenia does not obey international norms.

International organizations are appealed concerning it, they monitor
the situation, there is silence during the monitoring but later
ceasefire is again violated. This is a kind of maneuver. Azerbaijani
army does not succumb to their maneuvers," he said.

Commenting on death of soldiers in the army Eldar Sabiroglu said that
some accidents happen unexpectedly therefore it is difficult to take
preventive measures.

"I think that there is nothing to worry. We are taking measures to
prevent such cases. We are sorry for such cases," he said.

Eldar Sabiroglu said by Defense Minister Safar Abiyev’s order soldier’s
trainings are suspended, limited and sometimes are held by 11.00 and
after 17.00.

"The soldiers do not train in hot hours of the day, fans are used
in barracks. There is no problem in this field. Some soldiers got
sunstroke before the minister’s order, but such cases have not been
observed for 4-5 years," he said.