According To Paruyr Hayrikian, Team And Not Individual Will Win In F


Noyan Tapan
Aug 2, 2007

YEREVAN, AUGUST 2, NOYAN TAPAN. If a team, composed of forces united
around the universality of their programs and struggling for autocracy
of Armenia in favour of a real democracy and legal state, is formed,
the National Self-Determination Union will join this team and take
part in the 2008 presidential elections "in a very stormy way and
with all its capacities."

This statement was made by Paruyr Hayrikian, the Chairman of the
National Self-Determination Union, at the press conference, which
was held on August 2. According to him, "an individual will not win
in these elections, a team should be formed."

For this purpose Paruyr Hayrikian organized a meeting of political
figures on July 26 in which Artashes Geghamian, the Chairman of the
"National Unity" party, Arthur Baghdasarian, the Chairman of the
"Orinats Yerkir" ("Country of Law") party, Stepan Demirtchian, the
Chairman of the Armenian People’s party, and Ararat Zurabian, the
Chairman of the Administration of the "Armenian National Movement"
party, took part. It was mentioned that irrespective of the fact that
Aram Zaven Sargsian, the Chairman of the "Republic" party, was not
present at this meeting, he expressed his satisfaction with the fact of
the latter’s being organized. As for Aram Gaspar Sargsian, the Chairman
of the "Armenian Democratic" party, according to Paruyr Hayrikian, he
took part in the meeting by correspondence, that is to say "through
him." And Raffi Hovhannisian, the Chairman of the "Zharangutiun"
("Heritage") party, was represented by Vardan Khachatrian.

"It is evident that the list of the participants will become enlarged.

However, I am seriously waiting for the moment, when this number will
reduce to 5 to 7 people after increasing up to 15-17 and these 5 to
7 people will already do practical work . These 5 to 7 people will
win everybody," Paruyr Hayrikian said.

In his conviction, the team to be formed has an opportunity to
receive approximately 60% of the votes. As for the common candidate,
according to Paruyr Hayrikian, it will only be the representative
of this united team and each person can be that person, even one,
"who is unknown in the political world."

As for the nomination of his own candidature in these forthcoming
presidential elections, it is most unlikely, according to Paruyr

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