Neighborhoods Demand Privatization Of Houses

17:10 01/08/2007

Thirteen thousand residents of eleven Yerevan neighborhoods are
still unable to privatize their houses. The municipal authorities
have turned down their applications with different justifications.

Residents of Miasnikian, Charbakh, Kozern, Aigestan and other
communities gathered in front of Government House today. Samvel
Lazarian, chairman of Right and Community NGO, said an inter-agency
commission has been set up at the assignment of the Armenian prime
minister to record measurements and inventory in the areas. Residents
say the commission makes delays while the municipality says nothing
about the progress of work. The residents demand that representatives
of the neighborhoods also join the commission.

Deputy Mayor Kamo Areyan came to a meeting with the demonstrators. He
assured that measurements are recorded at Miasnikyan Avenue, Old
Nork, Kentron and Nork Marash communities. Areyan said two more
working groups will be set up due to large scope of work. The deputy
mayor calmed the demonstrators down saying "we will go through all
neighborhoods and record the inventory." Areyan also assured the
representatives from the neighborhoods will be in the working groups.