"Civil Forum Of Javakhk" Forms New Structure


Noyan Tapan
Aug 1, 2007

of the new structure of the administrative body of the "Civil Forum
of Javakhk" organization took place on July 31. According to these
new changes, 13 memebrs were elected instead of the former 11. The
newly-elected members elected Nairi Iritsian and Misha Kolikidze as
co-chairmen of the forum on August 1. This election should currently
be endorsed by "The European Center on Issues of National Minorities".

According to "Javakhk-info", the account of Armen Darbinian, the
Chairman of the "Civil Forum of Javakhk", concerning the work done
last year was also included on the agenda.

Henceforth, Silva Makarian, the former Head of the Baralet village
and the current Acting Head, introduced the situation in Javakhk
connected with unenvisagable consequencies of the testing to be
implemented in October, as well as the results of the last testing. The
former Head was indignant with the fact that among 69 schools of the
Akhalkalak region only one school: that of the Chunchkha village,
has a director and about 700 schools of Georgia have remained without
a director after the first testing. In the opinion of S. Makarian,
if the expected testing is not prevented, schools in Javakhk will
have no perspectives. He proposed to turn to Georgian authorities
for the solution of this problem in order to conduct the expected
testing in the mother tounge or in the Georgian variant made easier.

G. Pasuri, a collaborator of the "European Center on the Issues
of National Minorities", mentioned that the educational reforms
implemented in Georgia are not approved even by the collaborators of
the Ministry of Education of the Republic. He presented the future
programs of the European Center, according to which a round table is
envisaged to be held with regard to educational problems in Javakhk at
the end of the year. It is also envisaged to invite representatives
of the Ministry, government, and other international organizations
in order to develop a united variant.