Three Centers For University Studies To Be Established In Yerevan


2007-07-30 15:15:00

Three Centers for University Studies will shortly be established
under the Yerevan State University, Armenian President’s Adviser Sergo
Yeritsyan said at a conference dedicated to the 10th anniversary of
the Armenian National Foundation of Science and Advanced Technologies
(NFSAT), Monday.

According to him, about 100 thsd USD will be spent on up-to-date
equipment for the Centers. The younger generation of scientific
workers and students will also be allowed to make use of the Centers’
services. Over the past 10 years NFSAT has been implementing
independent research works based on the principles of objectivity
and transparency, scientific approach and correct financing. These
principle are applied in all developed countries of the world. In
this connection, S.Yeritsyan pointed out the necessity of extending
the Foundation’s activity, including international cooperation.

Particularly, NFSAT is actively cooperating with the United States
that is the main donor of the Foundation. US Embassy Public Affairs
Officer Thomas Mittnacht positively estimated the Foundation’s work
done within10 years.

To note, the Foundation started its official activity in Armenia on
July 4, 1997. The Foundation’s activity is financially supported by the
US Civilian Research and Development Foundation under the program of
the US Department of State. At the moment, NFSAT is rated very highly
and found side by side with such authoritative organizations as the
American Association for the Advancement of Science, the National
Science Foundation, etc.