Azerbaijan’s actions on transfer of NK conflict to UN unpredictable

Azerbaijan’s actions on transfer of Karabakh conflict to UN are quite
unpredictable: Karabakh political expert

2007-07-28 23:50:00

Azerbaijan’s actions on transfer of the Karabakh conflict to the UN are
quite unpredictable, Karabakh political expert David Babayan told

He said that one should treat such actions calmly and coolly enough.
Actually, D. Babayan thinks, the attempts to transfer the negotiation
process to the UN corridors or, at least, the attempts of creating a
process parallel to the Minsk format, will possibly become one of the
main directions of the Azerbaijani foreign policy. He thinks that there
are several quite serious grounds for that, the basic of which is
unwillingness and unavailability of Azerbaijan for real settlement of
the Karabakh conflict. "Everyone understands that the Karabakh conflict
settlement is impossible without direct participation of NKR in
negotiations. It is also clear that the maximalist requirements of
Azerbaijan to give back the territories under NKR control and return
the refugees there are also hopeless. It is quite clear that NKR will
never agree to become part of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan cannot admit it
for both internal political and strategic aspects", the political
expert said.

He also said that "today, the most important and the only possible
basis of legitimacy of the present Azerbaijani authorities is the
promise to recover the "territorial integrity" of the country and
return the "native" lands". "If Baku admits that it is impossible, the
system of the power legitimacy in this country collapses. As for the
strategic aspects, NKR recognition or self-determination may raise a
chain response in Azerbaijan, especially among Lezghins and Talyshes,
whim the Azerbaijani authorities could not finally assimilate. This is
not for the sake of Baku. Therefore, Azerbaijan tries to maximum
prolong the settlement. In this context, transfer of the Karabakh
settlement to the UN seems the most expedient for it", D. Babayan said.
He added that "it is not so bad for NKR to try to transfer the conflict
settlement within the frames of the UN or create a parallel format".