Great Incredible Shame


Hayots Ashkharh Daily
28 July 07

It turned out yesterday that according to Raffi Hovhannisyan, he had
`a feeling of great, incredible shame’ when he visited ex-Prime
Minister Alexander Arzumanyan in prison and he will consider it ` a
disgrace and a non-state approach’ if by the end of this year or at
least before the presidential elections this angel with cloudy feet is
not released from prison.
But doesn’t he consider it a disgrace and a shameful fact that
different Armenian leaders, at different times look for foreign
supporters to start revolution.
As for A. Arzumanyan, according to Mr. Hovhannisyan he is not the
first and the last person in Armenia that satisfies his every-day needs
by foreign `transfers’. Whereas, the thing is not about 200 ` 500$, but
about 100 thousand dollars that was `imported’ to Armenia before the
parliamentary elections.