"Radio Armenia" Closed In Uruguay


27.07.2007 15:45

On July 9 "Radio Armenia" that had been operating in Montevideo,
the capital of Uruguay, since 1935 stopped its activity. The reason
of suspension of the radio station’s activity was the inconsistencies
revealed by tax bodies.

The closure of the radio station caused the irritation of Uruguayan
Armenians. State officials declared during the meeting with the
Head of the Diocese of the Armeian Apostolic Church Hakob Archbishop
Gellenntchyan that their decision is not directed against the Armenian
community, but they gave no guarantees that the radio station will
be reopened.

One of the owners of "Radio Armenia" Perch Rubenyan characterized
this as political persecution.

After the closure of "Radio Armenia," "Radio Araks" broadcasts on one
of local radio channels, but only 2.5 hours a week. The founder of this
radio station is Diego Karamanukyan, correspondent for "Radio Armenia."

"Radio Araks" broadcasts also on webpage on
Saturdays at 18:00 and Sunday at 20:00 Yerevan time.