BAKU: Armenian Armed Forces Break Ceasefire Agreement In Several Pos


Trend News Agency, Azerbaijan
July 28 2007

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr Trend S.Ilhamgizi / The Azerbaijani Security
Ministry reported on 27 July that the Armenian Armed Forces broke
the ceasefire agreement and fired at the Azerbaijani National Armed
Forces from their positions located in the south of the occupied
village of Shikhlar of Agdam District on 27 July from 01:30 to 02:00
hours, as well as from their positions in the southwest part of the
occupied village Chayli of Terter District of Azerbaijan from 04:10
to 05:00 hours.

On 26 July the Armenian Armed Forces fired at Azerbaijani forces
from the positions located in the south part of the occupied
Seysulan village of Terter from 19:45 to 20:15 hours and in south
of Topgaragoyunlu village of Goranboy District the from 22:00 to
22:20 hours.

The Azerbaijani National Armed Forces retaliated and no casualties
were reported

The conflict between the two South-Caucasus countries broke out in
1988 in light of Armenia’s territorial claims to Azerbaijan. Some 20%
of Azerbaijani territories (Nagorno-Karabakh and seven nearby regions)
have been under the occupation of the Armenian Armed Forces since
1992. In May 1994 a ceasefire was signed between the two sides.

The peace talks under the auspices of the OSCE Minsk group presided
over by Russia, France, and United States are still underway.