BAKU: Armenian-Occupation Of Aghdam Turns 14


Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
July 23 2007

The occupation of Azerbaijani region of Aghdam turns 14 today,
APA reports.

Aghdam with population of 150,000 and territory of 1154 square
kilometers was occupied by the Armenian Armed Forces on July 23,
1993. For the time being only two villages of Agdam are administered
by Azerbaijan. Armenians knocked down historical monuments, cemeteries,
hospitals, libraries, schools, offices in Aghdam.

Armenia still continues to ransack Azeri cultural heritage in defiance
of the Hague Convention concerning the protection of cultural property
in the event of armed conflict and the Paris Convention concerning
prohibition and prevention of illicit import, export and transfer of
ownership of cultural property.

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