Former Commander-In-Chief Needs Excuses


Lragir, Armenia
July 16 2007

The leader of the National Self-Determination Union Paruir Hairikyan
stated July 16 at the National Press Club if Levon Ter-Petrosyan needs
his advice he is always ready to help a figure who has announced on
one occasion that Paruir Hairikyan was his political ideal. As to
naming Levon Ter-Petrosyan president in 2008, Hairikyan thinks there
are major problems regarding this.

"At some stage Levon Ter-Petrosyan was our commander-in-chief thanks
to good luck, his merits, with help from friends, from Moscow, we
forget about it. It will be very difficult for Levon Ter-Petrosyan,
the commander-in-chief who left the country "abeyant" under the
pressure of "certain forces", to make excuses. Because if someone
wants to be commander-in-chief, they will tell him you said in 1998
to retreat under pressure of certain forces. It is a terrible, an
unacceptable move for a commander-in-chief. A commander-in-chief
must not retreat under the pressure of certain forces but attack,"
Paruir Hairikyan says.

Besides, there is another problem, Paruir Hairikyan says. "Of
course, we are not judging a person for his mistakes. After all,
Apostle Paul persecuted Christian then he became the most devoted
Christian. I repeat, however, speaking about the personality of
Levon Ter-Petrosyan or Hairikyan or someone else means having no
idea of the state of things. There is no need to come together for
a person, it is necessary to come together in general. After all,
we have a state. The slogan that the only way out for Armenians is
unification is out of date. The people are united if they make a
nation," Paruir Hairikyan says, adding that he would not like the
change in the country depend on one person, even if he were this
person. Paruir Hairikyan says Ter-Petrosyan has the right to return
to the political sphere just like all the others but Paruir Hairikyan
thinks it is funny to consider an individual. He says the individual
must be a representative of a collectivity with a distinct program.

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