What do candidates possess?

What do candidates possess?

Christine Khanumyan
07-07-2007 14:56:53 – KarabakhOpen

The presidential candidates submitted declarations of income and
property with the CEC.

It became known that the richest candidate is Armen Abgaryan. He has a
big house in Stepanakert, 769 sq m, another house on Demirchyan Street,
Yerevan, 100 sq m. In Yerevan Abgaryan owns a public place at 87a
Araratyan Street. He also owns Abgaryan and Sons CJSC, Kanakua, SEB
Petrol, Mister SEB and 55. Abgaryan also has two summerhouses, one in
the village of Noragyugh, Askeran, the other in Arabkir Community,
Yerevan, as well as a Mitsubishi Pajero car. The year 2006 was good in
terms of income. As a member of parliament he got 15 thousand drams a
month, as well as other income of 82.8 million drams. Abgaryan’s wife
did not have any income last year. His mother got her monthly pension
of 12.5 thousand drams, his sister got a monthly salary of 40 thousand
drams, as well as other income of 504 thousand drams. Abgaryan’s
daughter got 5 thousand drams a month. The total income of the Abgaryan
family in 2006 was 83 million 654 thousand drams.

Vania Avanesyan has an apartment 60 sq m in Stepanakert, a garage and a
VAZ 099 car. In 2006 Vania Avanesyan’s income totaled 1.88 million

Masis Mayilyan owns two apartments in Stepanakert, 63.5 sq m and 130.5
sq m. He holds 50 percent of shares of a public place, 270 sq m. In
2006, Mayilyan’s salary totaled 1.99 million drams, as well as 160
thousand drams of other income.

Hrant Melkumyan has an apartment 92 sq m in Stepanakert and a garage.
In 2006, Melkumyan’s salary was 1.86 million drams.

Bako Sahakyan has a house 253.5 sq m in Stepanakert, garden 0.02 ha, as
well as land for building a house. In 2006 his income was 6.66 million
drams. By the way, Mayilyan, Melkumyan, Avanesyan and Abgaryan have one
headquarters each, Bako Sahakyan has 9.