"The Bill Failure Was Resulted by a Few Factors"


[03:08 pm] 04 July, 2007

`The closure of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty was
well-planned by the RA authorities. The authorities
made a political decision to ban RFE/RL’s transmission
throughout Armenia,’ freelance deputy Victor Dallakyan
said on July 4.

According to the deputy the failure of the bills is
determined by a few factors. It got a backlash, there
is an obvious competition inside the government and
lack of organization of the parliamentarian majority.

Victor Dallakyan ruled out further endeavors to close
down RFE/RL by September.

They will do their utmost to silence RFE/RL before the
presidential election. The Council of the Public
Television and Radio wants to silence the radio
station through the National Assembly as they fear the
consequences, said Victor Dallakyan.

In answer to the question what the NA deputies
concerned over the freedom of expression intend to do
in connection with A1+, Victor Dallakyan said, ` I
always raise the issue in the National Assembly. I am
afraid that most of our newly-appointed deputies take
A1+ for Pashinayan’s 1+1. I think the opposition
should raise the question on the international level.
The authorities attempt to subject RFE/RL to A1+’s

The deputy voiced hope that A1+ will be back on the
air one day. `Never say never,’ the deputy said.

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