Experts did not answer many questions: rep of L. Gulyan’s assignee

Experts did not answer many questions: representative of interests of
L. Gulyan’s assignee

2007-07-04 15:15:00

"In fact, the international experts did not answer the questions of
investigating agencies. They only
submitted their conclusions regarding the reasons of Levon Gulyan’s
death", representative of interests of L. Gulyan’s assignee, attorney
Hrayr Ghoukasyan said at today’s press- conference.

He also added that international experts described the injuries on the
body in details. They think that all these injuries could appear as a
result of force effect before Gulyan’s falling out of the window. "We
have the results of forensic medical examinations which allow drawing
certain impression about the injuries Levon Gulyan got and the reasons
for his death. However, these results give only the general answers to
a number of questions", H, Ghoukasyan said. He also said that according
to the conclusions of dactyloscopic examination, the traces from palms
on the window, of which Levon Gulyan fell out, by the official version,
do not belong neither to him nor someone else who is related to this
room. The attorney pays special attention to the fact that "the first
contact of the died with the ground surface happened in 5 meters aside
the window, of which L. Gulyan had
admittedly fallen out".

To note, Levon Gulyan died on May 12 inside RA Police. As the Law
Machinery reports, L. Gulyan fell out of the second floor when trying
to escape. However, his relatives think that Gulyan was either
preliminary beaten and then thrown through the window or he had to
rush, trying to avoid beatings. Levon Gulyan was invited to the police
to give testimony on the Stepan Vardanyan murder case, committed on 9
May. Gulyan’s relatives also say about Tamamyan’s adherence to Levon’s

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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