Arman Melikyan: There Is No Disparity Between the Candidates


[07:51 pm] 04 July, 2007

Arman Melikyan, the Advisor to the NKR President is concerned over the
fact that NKR presidential elections are discussed in Armenia more
actively than in Karabakh.

`Why should the questions related to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic be
solved in Armenia? The situation in Armenian directly affects Karabakh
and the vice versa. Our future well-being depends on the productivity
of mutual relations,’ he said.

Today reporters asked Arman Melikyan to comment on polster Ahaoron
Adibekyan’s statement on NKR presidential elections. One of the two
main candidates Bako Sahakyan has more opportunities and the media,
especially the television, ignore Masis Mayilyan’s campaign. Bako
Sahakyan is supported by high-rank officials as he distributes money
and solves their problems by a telephone call, whereas Masis Mayilyan
enjoys people’s respect and confidence for his diplomacy and wisdom.

Mr. Melikyan denied the rumors that the candidates are not given equal
footing during the campaign and the top officials support Bako

I think disparity is exaggerated and does not correspond to the
reality. After all, I think, if the KarabakhOpen or the Demo support
Masis Mayilyan, it is also disparity. I am convinced that people will
make a right choice, he said.

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