The Favorite Is Known


AZG Armenian Daily

On July 3 an article was published in RIA Novosti news agency’s
website titled "Elections in NKR: the favorite is known".

Various Gallup polls show that NKR former Head of National Security
Service Bako Sahakian is the indisputable favorite of the coming
presidential elections in Nagorno Karabakh, according to "RIA
Novosti". It mentioned that the overwhelming majority (75-80%) of
the questioned are the supporters of Bako Sahakian.

The second place may take the other candidate Deputy Foreign Minister
of NKR Masis Mayilian. According to the same Gallup poll Masis Mayilian
may have 10-17% of votes and is inferior to Bako Sahakian.

According to experts Bako Sahakian’s evident superiority can be
explained with several circumstances. The main of them is that,
first of all, all the powers in parliament (not only in office
but also in opposition) support the candidacy of the former Head
of National Security Service. Secondly, Bako Sahakian is a more
foreseeable political figure than his rivals. Thirdly, he is well
known in the political circles of Armenia. And lastly, Bako Sahakian
is distinguished by his clear and realistic pre-election plan. It
mainly refers to social sphere.

It is foreseen to build dwellings, to raise medium wages (about twice,
and it will be more than $300), the pensions and benefits (2.5 times,
and it will be more than $100), according to pre-election plan of
Bako Sahakian. He also promised to struggle against corruption in
all spheres. The candidate announced that his pre-election plan is
mainly directed to the creation of a state where democracy, freedom
and peace will be. It will also provide the state security and will
gather together the society. Conditions will be created for honorable
life of people.

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