Vahan Hovhannisian: "For First Time Government Project Is Based On N


Noyan Tapan
Jun 27 2007

YEREVAN, JUNE 27, NOYAN TAPAN. Vahan Hovhannisian, the NA Vice-Speaker
and a member of the ARFD Bereau, mentioned during the discussion of the
project of the government in the National Assembly on June 26 that for
the first time the project of the RA Government is based on the concept
of national security. He also mentioned the fact that there was no
concept of national security in Armenia last year. According to him,
the project of the government and the concept of national security
will henceforth be interrelated, and there will be a necessity to
make some changes in the concept during the implementation process
of this project.

V. Hovhannisian believes that, particularly, the issue of using
water resources should be considered a matter of national security,
as the right use of fresh water is one of the most important pledges
of Armenian security.

Mentioning that most of the ARFD suggestions have been included in
the project of the government, V. Hovhannisian also drew attention to
a number of other issues. According to him, it is necessary to apply
the constitutional provision concerning dual citizenship in practice
in order to promote repatriation and, in particular, include the issue
concerning relations with the Diaspora in the concept. V. Hovhannisian
believes that although it has already been a year and a half since
Parliament adopted the parcel of legislative reforms concerning the
elimination of a dual citizenship ban, only the ban put on taking
part in the ballot beyond the borders of the country during state
elections still applies until now.

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