Construction Of Northern Avenue To Finish By End Of Year


Noyan Tapan
Jun 18 2007

YEREVAN, JUNE 18, NOYAN TAPAN. The construction of Yerevan’s Northern
Avenue, according to the schedule, will finish by the end of the
year. As Karen Davtian, Deputy Yerevan Mayor, reported at the June
18 press conference, construction of some structures adjoining the
Avenue will also finish in that period.

Touching upon the 2007-2011 mid-term program of construction
of transport networks, highways and pedestrian crossings,
K. Davtian said that construction activities of underground
roads in Vardanants-Khanjian, Khanjian-Tigran Mets streets,
as well as high-speed highways without traffic lights in
Heratsi-Koryun-Nalbandian-Charents streets have already started.

In his words, it is also planned to build an underground passage on
the crossroads of Nalbnadian-Isahakian-Alek Manukian streets.

In Deputy Mayor’s words, construction of apartments for residents
of accident-prone houses of 4th degree is underway at present. Four
tenement-houses are being built in Malatia-Sebastia and Achapniak
communities for that purpose. 270 families will move to new apartments
by the end of the year.

K. Davtian also said that making inventory has already started in
the 30th district being considered a development zone. In his words,
50 out of 250 families residing in the district have already signed
contracts with companies implementing development in the district.

It was also mentioned that measurement activities of unauthorized
constructions built until 2001 are underway at present. In K. Davtian’s
words, unauthorized constructions built on state landplots are
considered state ownership and their fate, to pull down or to
privatize, will be decided only after the measurement.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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