Dreams… Dreams…



Hayots Ashkharh Daily – Armenia
14 June 07

On the tedious and ludicrous background of the self-nomination of
the opposition `single’ united candidate for presidency, the supporters
of ex-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan stand out from all the others.

For example they never rush into the political arena disjointedly.
They still believe that in 2008 their leader will return to the
political domain. This is the reason why they have started to advertise
the latter.
Of course as any RA citizen Armenia’s ex-President also has the
right to nominate his candidacy for presidency. But we shouldn’t
overlook the fact that during the previous years Levon Ter-Petrosyan
has already `made it obvious’ in what conditions he will return to the
political arena.
The first condition is ` the failure of the acting government in the
issue of the regulation of Karabakh conflict, this will give him a
possibility to appear as a `new prophet’. While the fact is Armenian
party hasn’t ceded a single meter of land, besides that the peaceful
situation has been and will be preserved.
So what is Levon Ter-Petrosyan going to say, in case he returns?
Before leaving he used to claim that the international community would
force the both parties to sign an agreement on conciliation. As we know
it didn’t happen, this means the `principle ace’ for the sake of which
the ex-President is unspoken for the last 10 years is futile.
Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s second condition is the version of
`pan-national urge’ for which his supporters made all the possible and
impossible efforts during the previous parliamentary elections.
The active but not effective actions of `Impeachment’ union formed
as a result of the `reformation’ of Armenian Pan-National Movement, was
the open attempt of the realization of this goal.
But what was the result ` `Impeachment’, together with the partners
took the role of those who `beat about the bush’ and greatly
contributed to their failure in the parliamentary elections. The
members of the union, didn’t even try to hold a campaign, instead, they
made useless attempts to use the technologies of the `colored
revolution’. At the end, of course linking their failure with election
Judging from all these neo-Bolsheviks pursued a quite different
goal, having no connection with the parliamentary elections. That is –
to `turmoil’ and to `clean’ the political domain to make ground for
their to-be-president Levon Ter-Petrosyan.
Were they a success? Of course no! Because Levon Ter-Petrosyan has
already announced that – to bring him back they must gather at least 50
thousand people in the square.
Thus neither his prediction about Karabakh has come true nor did the
number of his supporters increase. So why do the Armenian Pan National
Movement state, in the person of their head of division, Ararat
Zurabyan that,’ as compared to the pre-election period of 2003, lots of
things have been changed both in the country and the attitude of the
ex-President regarding this issue.’
Suppose its true and Levon Ter-Petrosyan seriously thinks about
returning to policy. After all he is not deprived of the ability of
doing simple calculation. What does he pin his hopes on? Ararat
Zurabyan’s dreams or Nikol Pashinyan’s 1+1? On the not-signed agreement
on conciliation, or the improvement of the country’s economic
situation, that absolutely doesn’t contribute to his return?
In our view unlike the irrational desires of his supporters Levon
Ter-Petrosyan is not deprived of the ability of rational thinking and
he is well conscious that the time for him to `shoot the last bullet’
didn’t come.
Thus after some torments the political powers and figures who very
persistently announce about the return of the ex President will also
become realistic.

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