Const Court Leaves in Force CEC Decision on Deputies by Proportional


YEREVAN, JUNE 11, NOYAN TAPAN. By the June 10 decision RA
Constitutional Court left in force RA Central Electoral Commission’s
(CEC) decision on being elected RA NA deputies by the proportional
system. According to CC, there were no substantial reasons for CEC’s
making another decision. At the same time, CC provided protocols of 6
constituency electoral commissions, in which some changes were made, to
Prosecutor’s Office to examine them by the order established by the law.

The Constitutional Court by its decision considered well-founded
claimant’s assertions about low preparedness level of some electoral
commission members. Separate facts of improper notification of voting
day and place, wrong making up of protocols, cases of impermissible
changes, as well as forging documents were also mentioned.

CC registered that some clarifications should be introduced to the
legislative field to liquidate the contradictions in the Electoral Code
and law On Television and Radio. In particular, the notion of
"preelection agitation" should be exactly formulated, the order of
discussion of application-complaints and proposals should be clarified.
According to CC, legislative guarantees should be also created, by
which political and charity activities of parties will be
differentiated. Citizens’ right to examine electoral cases at the
Appeal Court by a special examination order should be also clarified.

Representatives of Impeachment bloc, Orinats Yerkir (Country of Law),
Nor Zhamanakner (New Times) and Hanrapetutiun (Republic) parties
challenging CEC decision were not present at the pronouncing of the CC
decision. They had left the court hall at the final stage of case
examination in token of protest.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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