Azerbaijan will always see Armenia as an adversary

Azerbaijan will always see Armenia as an adversary
June 08, 2007

`Even if we go for regional security and peace, Azerbaijan still has a
code since 1991. This code is instilled in the its social consciousness
and its plans for the future.

This code is like the DNA in this country’s genetics. Moreover,
Azerbaijan is not alone. It has a big brother, Turkey, that carries the
same code,’ director of the Museum of Armenian Genocide, historian Hayk
Demoyan stated during the round table discussion titled `Possible
Developments of the Negotiation Process of Karabagh Settlement.’

During the discussion the participants also commented on the recent
statements made by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs and the opinion that
the Armenian side is planning to return the liberated territories.

Demoyan asked what our relations with Azerbaijan will be like. This
country will not disappear from the map. We will continue having a
border with this country. Therefore, according to Demoyan, if we return
these territories we are saying `let’s live in peace’. But can the
Azeri society stop seeing Armenia and the Armenian nation as an
adversary? The possible concessions from the Armenian side do not
assume that Azerbaijan’s attitude towards Armenia will change.

An opinion was voiced during the discussion that Armenia should present
historical facts in various international structures. Commenting on
this opinion Demoyan stated that examining the historical events is not
relevant at this point in time.

`The international community is already bored with such conversations.
The language of history does not work no matter how many historical
documents we present to prove that Karabagh is ours,’ Demoyan said.
Commenting on the statements as to whether Armenia is planning to
return any territories Demoyan noted that we are creating an
information background for ourselves, a situation of panicking and then
trying to overcome this situation.

`This does not mean that we should feel secure. Simply, let us try not
to create any pessimistic moods among the society. This is very
important. We should be careful in this,’ Demoyan said noting that
similar statements were made many times before by different people in
different situations. Demoyan believes the issue of the territories is
not the only issue, it is more complex in nature.

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