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Hellenic News of America, PA
June 7 2007

Turkey has committed numerous ethnic and religious cleansings in Asia
Minor, that resulted in major genocides the first quarter of 20th
century against:

1/ 3,5 million Greeks. Most of them were massacred by neo-turks of
Kemal Attaturk. Ssome of them immigrated to the four corners of the
earth. Now there are only 2.500 persons in constantinople.

2/ 1,5 million Armenians. The majority were massacred by neo-turks of
Kemal Attaturk. Now in Asia Minor live only some thousand armenians
that are living under the fear of the killing by the extremist and
islamist Turks.

3/ 500.000 Pontians were massacred by neoturks of Kemal Attaturk. Some
immigrated abroad.

4/ 1.500.000 Assyrians some were massacred by neoturks of Kemal
Attaturk and others immigrated abroad.

5/ During the katastrophy of Cyprus from the "Turkish Attila" 200.000
Cypriots became-and are still- refugees in their land in the free
Cyprus, 5.000 dead, and 1650 still missing- it is soupposed most of
them to be dead- in Turkey and the occupied Northern Cyprus.

6/ Many millions kurds massacred in the past and recently until now,
their villages in Anatolia were destroyed and they became refugees
in Turkey and abroad.

Turkey is governed by two head monster- authority by:

1/ The generals and the Turkish army. They are extreme nationalist and
fascist. They continue the strong fist and sword of Kemal Attaturk,
they are the recent oppressors and buchers of the Turkish people,
Kurds and Cypriots that wish freedom, human rights, social justice
and withrawl of the Turkish troops from Northern Cyprus.

2/ The islamic party and islamic clergy both are xenophobic, racists,
anti-Christians, desppotic, authoritarian that beleive in the Kuran.

Turkey is not a European country and is be compatible with the European
civilization and culture.

In reality Turkey is a multi ethnic state that tried by the force to
create a Turkish nation, but failed.

Turkey is the "ill of Ankara" and one day will not avoid its
dismembering. This will be done after its democratization.

Turkey is an unstable country and exports to the east Mediterranean
its problems and instability.

The only solution is the democratization and disintegration of Turkey
into many autonomous states, such as Kurdish, Pontian, Assyrian,
Ionian, etc.

My email message follows these eight quotations on the Greek Genocide.

"The anti-Armenian and the anti-Greek persecutions were two stages
of one and the same programme on the annihilation of the Christian
element in Turkey."

Johannes Lepsius, Germany missionary, 1915.

"Although the majority of Greek and Armenian civilian men in Asia
Minor have been deported into Angora, into what is tantamount to
slavery, and the majority of women and children exiled, the Turks’
campaign of massacre and terror continues, as the last surviving
Christian communities are wiped out one by one."

Alfred E. Brady, American Smyrna Disaster Committee, 1922.

"The salvation of the Turkish nation was only to get rid of the
Christians from Anatolia and they developed plans at the beginning
of 1913 and they implemented these plans first in Western Anatolia
against the Greeks."

Turkish Professor Taner Akcam, 2005

"Before the World War there were three millions of Greeks in Turkish
territory; a million of them were killed or dispersed in 1915; a
million and a half of them, since 1915, have been killed or dispersed
(dispersal being the more merciless method of driving them to arid
plateaus where they died lingeringly from starvation), and the events
at Smyrna were still fresh before the minds of the delegates. What
assurances could there be against further massacres and forcible
deportations if these helpless and peaceable folk were left at the
mercy of the Turk?"

American Professor Silas Bent, 1923

"It seemed that the aim of the Turks was now the total destruction
of the Greek population."

Oxford Professor R. M. Dawkins, 1915

"… the Greeks of Anatolia are suffering the same or worse fate than
did the Armenians in the massacres of the Great War. The deportation
of the Greeks is not limited to the Black Sea Coast but is being
carried out throughout the whole of the country governed by the
Nationalists. Greek villages are deported entire, the few Turkish
or Armenian inhabitants are forced to leave, and the villages are
burned. The purpose is unquestionably to destroy all Greeks in that
territory and to leave Turkey for the Turks. These deportations are,
of course, accompanied by cruelties of every form just as was true
in the case of the Armenian deportations five and six years ago."

Stanley Hopkins, American employee of the Near East Relief, 1921

"The Turks adopted almost identically the same procedure against the
Greeks as that which they had adopted against the Armenians."

Henry Morgenthau, United States Ambassador to Turkey, 1918

Source (and for more):

"T hese left-overs from the former Young Turkey Party, who should
have been made to account for the lives of millions of our Christian
subjects who were ruthlessly driven en masse, from their homes and
massacred, have been restive under the Republican rule."

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, 1926

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